1.Foreign Investment Permit.

Non-Solomon Islanders or overseas registered companies who want to do business in the Solomon Islands must first register under Foreign
Investor Act 2005. Application comes in standard form, and attach to the form an applicant must include it’s business proposal, particularly the
extent of local and or foreign employment.

2 . Incorporating Company.
It takes 3-5 days to incorporate a company under the Company Act 2009. An investor may either after getting the Foreign Investment
registration certificate, Registers Company as a local company or as an overseas company.

3. Joint Ventures.
A foreign investor may choose to enter into a joint venture or Partnership agreement with an established locally owned company. We assist you
to do the joint venture/ Partnership Agreement, apply for a foreign investment Registration and let you roll on your business.

4. Labor and Immigration.
Our services also include getting your necessary work permits and entry permits. This goes along with our services in getting your foreign
investment registration and incorporating your local company.

5. Provincial Business License.
All companies in the Solomons must have a business license from each province, if it intends to operate from that province. Provincial business
license differ from province to province. This includes the Honiara city Council.